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Canadian Proud 

 DNA, Health and OFA tested. 

( Scroll to the bottom to read more about what testing we do and why) 

OFA - Hips  

OFA - Patella & Elbow

OFA Spine report 

OFA - Trachea & Heart

----- Boss Boys -----

Nickel Testable Choc. 
Chocolate and Isabella Merle
Enzo Isabella Merle

SDF's Jughead 
Cocoa Tan Point & Lilac Tan Point
Loveabulls Triton

PONSET  The Six Shooter
Standard Fawn & Standard Fawn Pied
Baby Face Luca CLOSED!

DNA         HEALTH         &         OFA         TESTED!! 


Solid Testable Chocolate
Em/Em Kbr a/a Co/Co b/b D/d S/sp I/i

2020 Bookings
Feb. 2020     
COMPLETED! and CONFIRMED      11 Babies Born  ~ 5 Girls 6 Boys     
March 2020       COMPLETED  & CONFIRMED   5 Babies Born ~ 4 girls 1 Boy **
 April 2020     COMPLETED & CONFIRMED 2 Babies Born1 Girl  1 Boy *
July 2020  COMPLETED & CONFIRMED ~ 1 Girl *
Sept. 2020  COMPLETED ~ 2 Girls 3 boys
October 2020 COMPLETED!
Fall 2020  COMPLETED! 
October 2020  
2020 Blue

2021 Bookings
Alberta 2021
Alberta 2021

Nickel is an amazing boy with a heart of Gold. He absolutely loves his people and morning walks more than anything else! 

He is an amazing solid testable chocolate pied PIED CARRIER all the way from the UK and we couldn't be more excited to have him join our heats and home. 

DNA & health tested! 

We test for over 200 genetic mutations and diseases, some have no relevance on the breed.  This is a list of  French Bulldog breed related diseases, and how he did! 

French Bulldog breed related diseases 

Cystinuria Type 3 Clear

Hereditary Cataracts Clear

Hyperuricosuria Clear 

Multifocal Retinopathy 1 Clear

PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 crd4/cord1 Clear

**Invertebral Disc Disease Risk Factore and Chondrodystrophy CDDY with IVDD Clear! 

( **This last one is not a disease we can't truly test for. It is very rare to see a clear French Bulldog as they are a dwarf breed and it is expected that they will have at least one copy, and most do without any related issues. Labs are working hard to figure this one out for this breed, so feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way. )   

OFA's Completed!

OFA Results: *Hips and elbows are preliminaries only and will be re done at age two for their final OFA certificates.

Elbows: *Negative for Dysplasia 

Patella: Normal

Hips: * Fair

Spine Report: Completed

Trachea: Normal 

Heart: Normal

Nickel's babies and the beautiful girls behind them.

  • Repeat breeding completed!!
    Repeat breeding completed!!
  • COMPLETED & Confirmed
    COMPLETED & Confirmed
Repeat breeding completed!!
Repeat breeding completed!!

Nickels biggest litter yet! 11 Babies born!
5 Girls and 6 Boys!!

More NICKEL Babies coming soon!! 


SDF's Jughead 

Em/e ky/ky at/at co/co D/d S/S N/N 

Chocolate & Tan Point Carries Blue and Cream


June 2020 COMPLETED! Reese


6 Baby GIRLS!!

June 2020  COMPLETED! Rey


2 Girls 1 Boy!

July 2020  COMPLETED! Skully

2 Girls 1 Boy


July/Aug 2020 COMPLETED! Jewel 

3 Girls 3 Boys

Wait list FULL! & CONFIRMED 


Oct 2020 Hunny


Set/Oct  2020 Pepsi-Cola

Fall/winter 2020  Tawny 

September 2020 Luna


*Males do not control litter size but do control sex of the puppies born.



PPG - CanineHealth Check Tested:  

Heath tested and CLEAR for
• Cystinuria Type 3
• Hereditary Cataracts
• Hyperuricosuria
• Multifocal Retinopathy 1
• PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 crd4/cord1
• DM
Plus another 240 more but those are the ones that matter

Cystinuria 3 tested and clear!!!  

OFA's Completed!

OFA Results: *Hips and elbows are preliminaries only and will be re done at age two for their final OFA certificates.

Elbows: *Negative for Dysplasia 

Patella: Normal

Hips: * Fair

Spine Report: Completed and disease free.  

Trachea: Normal 

Heart: Normal

DNA: Em/e ky/ky at/at co/co B/B D/d S/S 

Cocoa Tan Point. Carries tan point, chocolate, blue and cream

Weight:    24 pounds       Height:
DOB: April 18 2019

Ponset The Six Shooter

Em/Em ky/ky Ay/Ay B/B Co/?  D/d S/S  I/I
Standard Red Fawn carries blue

Ponset's  5 girl special is starting to fill up! 


2nd BLUE


4th Pending

5th LAST SPOT  available!

We will announce names and add banners once we have permission to share!

OFA's coming soon!

Heath tested and CLEAR for
• Cystinuria Type 3
• Hereditary Cataracts
• Hyperuricosuria
• Multifocal Retinopathy 1
• PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 crd4/cord1
• DM
Plus another 240 more but those are the ones that matter
Cystinuria Type 3 Clear!!!

DNA: EmEm kyky Ay/Ay Co/? BB Dd SS As/As I/I 

Red Fawn Carries Blue

OFA's Coming Soon!

OFA Results: *Hips and elbows are preliminaries only and will be re done at age two for their final OFA certificates.

Elbows: *


Hips: * 

Spine Report:



Weight:    24 pounds       Height:
DOB: Sept. 12 2019

Enzo Ferrari
Em/Em Kbr/ky Ay/a b/b (bc,bd,bs) Co/? d/d S/S As/As I/i  m/M269

Isabella Merle ~  0 wedge spine Hip & elbow dysplasia free!!

Enzo come to us all the way from Germany. He is way more than DNA to us. His color is absolutely beautiful, but what caught my attention was he has a wedge free, yes, ZERO wedge spine, dysplasia free hips and elbows and normal patellas too!!! 
This boy has it all!!! 
Enzo is a bigger boy, a little longer than I personally prefer, but that is easy to work with to the right girl.
Skeletal structure is much, MUCH harder to fix and correct. I couldn't be happier to have this boy join our program! 

Like always we will run a 5 girl special. 

Once those 5 spots are full we will only be allowing for 5 more select few females before he is closed. 

1 - Anya 

2 - Blue

3 - Pending deposit

4 - Georga Rose

5 - open

Our hidden treasures


Standard Blanket pied 

Carries: Cocoa ( non-testable chocolate) and Dilute ( Blue)

Em/Em ky/ky Ay/Ay B/b Co/co D/d sp/sp -/-

Although Luca is closed to the general public, we do have a few litter coming from some beautiful girls! Will be working on banners soon! 


Health tested for over 150 genetic diseases and mutations through Optimal Select (DM carrier)

Cystinuria 3 tested and CLEAR 

OFA Results: 

Elbows: Normal

Patella: Normal

Hip Preliminaries: Fair

Spine Report: Completed and disease free

Trachea: Normal

DNA: EmEm kyky AyAy Bb Dd SpSp -/-

Red/Fawn Pied Carries Blue and Chocolate ( Non-testable) 

Weight: 18.6 pounds       Height: 10 1/2''         Length: 10" 
DOB: May 11 2018

LUCA  Bean aka Luca Bomb or Luca Bazooka 

Luca will only be allowed to breed to good clean breathers that are 18 pounds or more and stand over 10" tall. 

Luca is an amazing boy but does have a very short neck which compromises his breathing at times. 

We would love to improve on this so have decided to be very selective to the girls he is bred too. 

So far his babies are doing really well with the exception of one who is a lot like his daddy. ( Mom was a small 16 pound female)  

Brought to a bigger girl with a nice neck and clean breathing, we noticed his pups do very well and so far we are not seeing breathing issues with these pups. 

Ultrafab Jiro Boss

CLOSED TO PUBLIC.  Jiro will be used in our program alone. Watch for upcoming puppies 2021/22 

EmE kyky Ayat BB Co? Dd SS
Standard Sable -  No pied No brindle - Carries blue and tan point

I am thinking on taking Jiro to Teyla's daughter Anya 2021.....
Eme kyky ata BB Coco Dd SS Ii 
EmE kyky Ayat BB Co? Dd SS Ii 

DNA, Health & OFA Tested

Health tested and clear for over 150 genetic diseases and mutations through PPG and the CHC

OFA Results: 

Elbows: Normal

Patella: Normal

Hip Preliminaries: Good

Spine Report: Completed  

Trachea: Normal

DNA: EmE kyky Ayat Co? Dd SS 

Standard Sable carry blue, Tan point and one copy mask 

Weight: 27 pounds       Height: 12''   
DOB: October 14 2015

Health, DNA and OFA, what does it all mean, why is it done?

We try very hard to bring happy and healthy puppies into this world. We check all our breeding dogs for common diseases and mutations known to the breed as well as taking a good look at their overall structure from the inside out. 

Does this mean we will never have puppies with issues, of course not. There are just some things we do not have control of, and can only do our best by gathering as much information, inside and out, about each sire and dam, after that it is all up to mom and dad and how they share their genes with each of their puppies. 

Our aim when choosing pairings is to bring puppies into this world that are better than their sire and dame ( If possible ;) ) 

The French Bulldog is a man made breed that we all know has it's own unique set of issues known to the breed itself. 

If there is a test and we have access to it, we do our best to add these to the list of testing already being done. As of now we currently test and watch for, (when tests are not available we do our best to pay close attention to our dogs health, structure and pedigree.) 

Hereditary cataracts, Hyperuricosuria, Multifocal Retinopathy 1, progressive Retinal Atrophy, cone-rod Dystrophy 4, Type 3 Cyctinuria, IVDD, Hemivertebrae,  DM, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation Alergies, Cherry eye, Deafness, Respiratory issues, Stenotic nares, Cataracts and cleft palates to name a few. ( We actually test for a lot more but these are what are most common to the breed.) 

We are working very hard to rid most of these from our lines one step at a time. This will not happen over night, some are easier to eradicate than others, and some can come creeping back many generations from now, even after you think you finally have a handle on it! But we will always put health first when trying to pair up our girls with the best stud possible. 

We are an open book, feel free to ask us for any information on any of our dogs, why we chose to breed certain pairings, questions about color, our health guarantee and more! We are happy to share and discuss everything about each and everyone of them. 

Please have a look at our home page for more information on coat color, health and structure. 

** Our website is under construction, we are working on it when we have a spare moment. We do this on our own time, no one does it for us, so we will update as often and with new pictures and information as possible.