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Our beautiful Girls

We do NOT give breeding rights away on any male puppies.               Few females may be available from time to time. 

Wait list for all pairings for 2020 are FULL till puppies have arrived! 
Once puppies have arrived we will make sure to let everyone know if there are any available. 


Our beautiful Porscha will come together with our ever so handsome boy Nickel, in hopes for some absolutely amazing babies arriving just before Christmas!

BOTH sire and dam are fully DNA, Genetic health and OFA tested and come from some amazing lines! 

First breeding competed!

Monday Oct. 10 2020

1st Pick RESERVED! 

2nd Pick RESERVED!

      3rd Pick  RESERVED!

4th Pick  RESERVED!

5th Pick RESERVED!

WAIT LIST NOW FULL!!!!! Until born!!!

Please scroll down for more information on our girl Porscha, and     visit our boys to see more on the sire Nickel.

Intermountain SDF's Teyla Boss

Teyla's Health & Testing

Health and DNA tested through Optimal Select 

  • Brothers and sisters
    Brothers and sisters
  • Teyla's DamDam
    Teyla's DamDam
  • Teyla's Dam
    Teyla's Dam
  • Sire
  • Teyla's Sire
    Teyla's Sire

Up coming  Litters and Announcements 


NO PLANS FOR TEYLA'S FINAL LITTER HAVE BEEN MADE. We do have a few boys in mind but will not confirm until late fall once Ponset ( More information on Ponset in our boys section) has had the opportunity to have his OFA's completed and has his chance to compete to be with our best girl yet!


Health tested for over 150 genetic diseases and mutations through Optimal Select. DM carrier

Cystinuria 3  clear! 

OFA Results:

Elbows: Normal

Patella: Normal 

Hips: Good

Spine Report: Completed no diseases found and very nice spine for the breed! 

Trachea: normal 3! Best trachea of all 20 dogs we have tested yet! 

DNA: Em/Em ky/ky Ay/at Co/co B/B D/d S/S i/I -/dup

Red Fawn    Carries: Tan point, blue and cocoa. 


e/e Kbr/ky Ay/at B/B co/co D/d S/S
25 pounds


Health tested and clear !!

Cystinuria 3 Pending

OFA Results: Completed 

Elbows: Normal

Patella: Normal

Hips: Fair

Spine Report: completed

Trachea: Normal 

Heart: Normal

DNA: e/e kbr/ky Ay/at co/co B/B D/d S/S 

Chocolate Brindle covered in Cream 

Carries: Blue & Tan Point 



PPG - CanineHealth Check Tested: 

Health tested for
• Cystinuria Type 3 - Porscha carrier
• Hereditary Cataracts
• Hyperuricosuria
• Multifocal Retinopathy 1
• PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 crd4/cord1
Plus another 240 more but those are the ones that matter


OFA Results: *Hips and elbows are preliminaries only and will be re done at age two for their final OFA certificates.

Elbows: *Negative for Dysplasia 

Patella: Normal

Hips: * Fair

Spine Report: Completed

Trachea: Normal 

Heart: Normal

DNA: Em/Em Kbr/? a/a Co/Bo b/b D/d 

Solid Chocolate Goodness!

Height & Length: 13" X 13"
IVDD/CDDY & Cystinuria 3 tested and clear!!!  

First Four Picks are reserved! 


5th Pick AVAILABLE !  

BOSS BABY ~ Born & raised right here with us.

SDF's Something Special  AKA KINDER 
Em/Em ky/ky at/a B/B co/co D/d S/sp N/As I/I


PPG - CanineHealth Check Tested: 

Health tested and clear for
• Cystinuria Type 3
• Hereditary Cataracts
• Hyperuricosuria
• Multifocal Retinopathy 1
• PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 crd4/cord1
• DM
Plus another 240 more but those are the ones that matter
Em/Em ky/ky at/a B/B co/co D/d S/sp N/As I/I 
Spine evaluated and looking good!

SDF's Sublime Drucilla AKA Josie

Em/e ky/ky at/a B/B Co/co d/d S/S i/i

DNA, Genetic health and OFA's completed! More information coming soon! 


We will be bringing Dru home to have her 1st and only litter here with us!! We will not be taking a wait list for Dru's upcoming pairing. Once babies have arrived, we will make announcements at about 4/5 weeks old if blessed. (once all DNA is in and all puppies are thriving.) 

Our Co-Owned BOSS BABY Girls below
Pups will be raised and loved with our co owners. We expect nothing less from them, as we would from ourselves, and couldn't be happier with the amazing people we have come to know and love.  

BOSS BABIES  ~ Produced here with us and loved by our wonderful co-own October! 

OFA's competed! 
elbows, trachea, heart, patella all three normal and spines completed!
Waiting for results on two of the three girls hips still and then we will make out final decisions! 

Darla AKA Betty 

Em/e ky/ky Ay/at B/B co/co d/d S/S i/i

It has been decided!!! Benny will be the sire to Darla's 1st and only litter!   

Wait list started and getting FULL!

Expecting to breed Oct 2020

Pups will all be Lilac, masked r maskless

Fawns and Tan Points ( at/a)  

Possible Cream Carriers! 

E?/? ky/ky ?/? B/B co/co d/d/ S/sp ?/i  

Anya AKA Veronica

Em/e ky/ky at/a B/B Co/co D/d S/S I/i

It has been decided!!! Our gorgeous boy Enzo will be the sire to Anya's 1st litter!  
For more information on Enzo visit our Boys page.

Wait list started and getting FULL! 

Expecting to breed Sept/Oct.. 2020

Colors and patterns possible. 

Merles, Tan Points, Solids, Fawns, Trindles & Bindles!!

In Blues, Blacks and Reds. Cocoa unknow at this time. 

Pups DNA: Em/? ?/ky ?/a? B/b ?/? ?/d/ S/S ?/?

More information on Zara, our beautiful chocolate trindle co-own coming soon!
Zara and Willow are  Nickel's Daughters from Shades Yuki