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 PLEASE take the time to review this page before contacting us. This will help us all save precious time moving forward.

If we do not respond within 48 hours please try again or reach out here on Facebook


Boss Kennels French Bulldogs.

Please visit our girls page to see if we have any spots come available along the way. All girls have a wait listed started and is updated frequently.

Once puppies have arrived we will post any available after we have contacted those waiting.

Emails can be and are missed so please try us here on Facebook as well sandi christiano or @bosskennelsfrenchbulldogs 

I can not thank everyone enough for all the love and support, it truly means the world to us!

We appreciate it and wish we had something for everyone! 

** Information on coat and color is posted on our home page, please refer there for any questions regarding coat and color.

Q & A 

SDF's Boss Babies Located in Alberta Canada just East of Calgary

Do you have any puppies available??

Please refer to our girls page for more information on availability. Each girl has a wait list started and is updated often. @bosskennelscanada on Facebook for the most recent updates.

What health testing do you do?

OFA Hips, spine, patella, trachea, heart and elbows

Canine HealthCheck or Paw Print Genetics ( Each test and lab used is posted under each dog in our program. ) for DNA, disease and mutations.

VetGenn or PawPrints Genetics (CHC) for Cystinuria Type 3

*Please have a look at our boys page for more information on what tests and why we do these particular test and more!

What type of warranty do you give?

We will give a 2 year warranty on those who do carry pet insurance. Warranty covers genetic illnesses and defects. More details in our contract, but you must carry insurance to keep warranty active. 

Why is there a difference? No matter how hard we try we can not test or account for everything. We do what we can with what we have to work with. After that it is all up to genetics and the dogs environment and upbringing.

For this reason we have decided to extend our warranty to those who will carry insurance on their puppy, so in the event something were to go wrong, accidental or genetically, it is easier for all to handle and help and deal with the situation at hand.

We do require you activate the first free month given with each puppy. 

Why are prices different depending on colour/pattern.?

Some colours and patters cost the breeder more to create.

Often stud fees or the initial puppy purchases costs the breeder more for these specific colours and patterns that people request, and sometime we are lucky in the end if we even get one. 

What is your pet price.NO breeding rights, non breeding agreement needs to be signed before puppy can leave our home.

Pet prices range from $3,500.00 to $5,000.00 depending on coat/colour & pattern.

Pet homes do not get top three picks before puppies arrive. We may choose to move your pick up once babies have arrived but not guaranteed. 

Do you sell breeding rights?

NO MALES are being sold with full rights at this time. No exceptions unless stated. We hope to have a few males available for co own in 2022/23. One proven, full tested and ready to go, along with one or two pups we hope to keep in our program for future use.

We will make announcements on our boys page once ready. 

We will have a select few females we will allow to leave with full rights, and or on a co own contract.

Please reach out for more information if this is something that interests you. We will be VERY picky! No kennels, MUST live indoors as a part of the family. 

Why do you breed back to back with some girls and not others?

Here is a great link for more information.

Each of our girls are assessed before and after each breeding. Some girls do better than others, some bounce right back, some need a little more time.

EVERYTHING is taken into consideration, scientifically and morally. This is new for us as we used to always rest our girls no mater what, however as time changes and we learn things with new science and study, we now know this is not always the best option for all girls.

So as you may see some rested and others not for one but maybe for the next, this is why. We only want what is best for our girls and their health and will always make sure everyone is ready and never rushed! 

An example of what our puppy packages include.

Often there is more but this is my minimum

Leash, Harness & Poop bags

One Box of food, bottle of water and a set of travel dishes.

Two bags of treats

A bottle of Adored Beast Love Bug Pre and Probiotics

Nail clippers & file

Blood stop

Norwex baby cloth

Natural Dog Company, butters and balms

 Fish Oil

One soft toy

One hard toy

Horn, antler or Bully stick

Crate, sometime substituted for other, like car booster or air travel crates.


Blankets that smell like mom/home

Folder with contract, what's safe and not safe to feed, free month of insurance, health and vaccinations records along with some information on the French Bulldog breed. 

We will add a few pee pads, however your puppy is trained to pee on a grass mat. This is the only thing not included in their package. 

Can we save some money and not take a puppy pack?

No, this is not an option. Everything we send home with your new babies is something I believe is needed to get you and you puppy started on the right foot.

We send everything their little tummies are used to and products we trust and recommend. We only want the best start for you and our babies.

Do you ship?

We can normally take puppies anywhere. That said we will not put our puppies in Cargo, so flights + Nanny are the starting costs.

You can save on Nanny costs and fly here to the Calgary air port where we can meet with you before turning around and catching the next flight home with you and your new baby! We make sure puppies are well worn out for the trip and include everything needed to fly safely and smoothly!

US families, we do have another option that works great with some flexibility and planning. Starting costs are $300.00USD to get puppy into the US. This option may not always be available, and does take planning, so please do make sure to ask. 

Important & Helpful Links

Puppy Packages!


Email Address*


Questions about our boys

What are your stud fees?

Please contact us for more information on what boy you are interested in.

Our fees may vary from time to time, depending on some key factors.

Helping prove a boy will often be cheaper than a well seasoned male.

We also like to run specials once in a while, so it is always best to reach out and let us know who interests you most. 

Do you do puppy back deals?

We will consider pup back deals on select females only. Please send pictures and as much information on your girl as possible when inquiring about a pup back offer.

If I want to repeat or use a different boy in the future, do you offer a discount?

Absolutely! We love to work into the future with those who we have worked with before. Let us know who you are thinking of and let us help make it work!

And do you still need to approve the female or can we use any of our girls?

We do still need to approve each female when using our boys. At the end of the day our boy will be associated with those babies born off his services, and we want nothing more than to be proud of each and everyone of their offspring!

We have a few boys to choose from, and I would be happy to discuss if perhaps we have or know of someone better suited. 

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